What is a Dedicated IP?

In case you have your personal server, which has only one web site on it, then automatically, your IP address will be dedicated. However, generally more than one website resides on a particular server.

Dedicated IP addresses are usually suited for larger online business websites which are encrypted to get secure. This implies they might keep sensitive information for example credit card numbers, and so on.

On the other hand, some people claim that instead of having many websites sharing identical IP address, it’s much more effective as much as SEO is involved for a website to have a unique IP address.

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Web Hosting services for Small Businesses

A Website Hosting service is a type of web hosting support that allows companies as well as individuals to generate their own web site reachable to the online world. Usually web hosting companies are parties that provide space to their customers over a server that they own or hire, and they also provide internet connection, characteristically in a dependable data centre which works 24×7 with continuous power supply.

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